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Donna Stellhorn
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Practical Coaching for Wealth, Health and Love


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obuwie deichmanndeichmann

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Are the decisions you are making the right ones?

I have for you a unique blend of coaching techniques to help you know which choices to make and the steps you can take to eliminate worry and achieve success. No matter if your goal is to find a true love relationship or to make millions of dollars or to have true peace and contentment - we will uncover what you're doing right and where you need step by step instructions to make your life what you want.   Read more about Coaching Programs


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Feng Shui: A better life is as easy as moving a piece of furniture.

Feng Shui is so powerful and so immediate that people often are shocked at how quickly changes happen in their lives. I tell people every day, if you do the change correctly you can have results in 72 hours or less. That is just three days to a noticeable change. And from that change the energy can build. Changes in your environment really can change your life.  Read more about Feng Shui

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Room Reading: See yourself in the stuff you have.

Your home; it's layout, it's décor, the clutter (if there is clutter) tells me how you feel about yourself, how you feel about relationships, whether you're in one, out of one, wanting one or unknowingly avoiding one. It tells me about your finances and what is blocking money, your career and your goal of true wealth. Your home tells me what your priorities are and who's in charge of your life. It tells me if you are happy or scared, if you are content or restless; the pictures tell all.  Read more about Room Reading

Astrology: Know the perfect time to take an action.

An Astrology chart helps you gain understanding about yourself and those you care about. It can reveal the truth about situations you're in, why a spouse or child is acting the way they do, how career and financial decisions will play out, and what steps you can take to create the life you want.  For thousands of years people have used Astrology charts to answer questions about love, money, health, and the future. Charts can be used to see a situation more clearly, gain insight into what others are thinking, and give you the information you need to help you make important choices.  Read more about Astrology

Intuitive Training: Don't guess! KNOW the right thing to do.

We all have the ability to receive information on a subconscious level. This is intuition and when brought to the conscious level through exercises and practice it can be an invaluable tool that you can use in your daily life.  You can learn to shift your mind to an intuitive state to bring vital information to the surface and help you make the right decisions.   Read more about Intuitive Training

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Donna's blog

Feng Shui Form by Stellhorn

Books by Donna

Does the position of your bed encourage restful sleep? What color should you paint a bathroom to promote health? What are symbols that attract good money qi? These are just a few of the practical questions answered in Feng Shui Form.  For books by Donna

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Space Clearing: Eliminate worry and stress by using this sacred Native American method. 

Sometimes a home or office just starts to feel "wrong". Maybe you can’t quite put your finger on it, but you know the energy of the space is affecting you. Or, maybe you know exactly when the energy changed, but you are unsure what to do about it. Then again, perhaps you've bought a new place and don’t know the previous residents; so you just don't know what kind of energy they left in the place. You don't know whether they enjoyed great success, or if they were facing a lot of difficulties in their lives. All you are concerned about at this moment is that you simply know your house or office just doesn’t feel right and the space needs to be cleared.  More about Space Clearing